is it possible to handle numbers with a length of 2000? i mean "integer" numbers. and then i would like to do something like to do something like "x to the power of y" with this big numbers. i don't know how it is called in english.

is this possible? and how?

Posted on 2001-08-07 05:59:13 by NOP-erator
that's where floats and doubles are for :)
Posted on 2001-08-07 06:28:05 by Hiroshimator
um... i seriously doubt you'll get any 2000-digit number into a double ;)
there are so called 'bignum' libraries, but i've never seen an asm implementation, sorry.
Posted on 2001-08-07 09:41:22 by Tola
yeah hiro, how do you want to smash a 2000 (and more) digit number into a double?
doesn't anybody of you know how i could theoretically do it? it thought of an array of bytes, where every byte represents one digit of the number. the array itself, wouldn't be a "real" number, just a placeholder for digits, but.......i don't know...:tongue:

Posted on 2001-08-07 12:17:02 by NOP-erator
That is a start NOP-erator, and it'd certainly work with the right algorithms. I forget which bignum library has x86 parts, but there is atleast one. :) You could make your own. I think there is a special alorithm for X to the power of Y (exponentiation) - you don't want to multiply many times - it'd take forever. :)

Here is a start for you:
Jason's Pi Page
J?rgs useful and -=* ugly *=- Pages
Posted on 2001-08-07 12:27:56 by bitRAKE
thanx for the links.

Posted on 2001-08-07 13:00:43 by NOP-erator

i have found asm source code for bignum functions , mul , div and etc.. i wont publish this in here becuase it is source code of a crack(keygen that calculate rsa encryption - rsa- so it must have big num function )

so if you want the source code just mail me or something ...

Posted on 2001-08-07 13:11:10 by eko
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Posted on 2001-08-08 03:09:57 by NOP-erator