I have attached a zip file that has an upgraded version of the code wizard Prostart. This version has a simple help file that documents the macros and explains how Prostart works.

Prostart is basically a prototyping tool and application skeleton starter and it is useful for making a framework to test algorithms and ideas with.

It will need the service pack 2 set of MASM32.LIB libraries as it uses one of the simple floating point procedures from it. The main changes are extra macros that simplify and declutter the code so that the idea or application can be worked on without having to recreate a working front end each time.

It includes the macro design by "huh" from New Zealand which makes literal strings much easier to use in API calls, a pair of macros for allocating and deallocating memory, a macro to declaring STRING data directly in code and a new macro for handling the complete capacity of the Shell ABout box.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Posted on 2001-08-07 06:33:32 by hutch--