Hi guys!

I would like to have a notification when the user tries to terminate my program under Win 2000 with the task manager. Under Win98 I get a WM_DESTROY message. But under Win 2000 there doesn?t seem to be any message...?

Does anybody know if there?s a way?
Posted on 2001-08-07 08:04:03 by TheJB

under windows 2000 . i'm checking for WM_CLOSE
if you are tring to close the windows with the task manager

1. with end task . the program will ask you if you sure
2. if you do end processs . the program will stop running with out "asking "

Posted on 2001-08-07 10:43:28 by eko
Hi eko,

thx for your reply. Even with WM_CLOSE the user can terminate the process without notification. This is a problem for my shareware protection.

But until a proper way is found I use a workaround. My prog searches for the task manager window. When it?s there it knows that the user might try to terminate the process and can save important things in advance.
Posted on 2001-08-07 14:51:05 by TheJB
Take a look at "StickyApp32" (www.internals.com)
Posted on 2001-08-07 15:43:29 by bazik