I'm trying to locate the html parser code for the <li> and <ul> tags, the idea is to change the standard listing bitmaps into own images, anyone experienced a bit whit this??

Posted on 2002-05-13 09:38:15 by eisodur
You mean you wan't to modify iexplorer.exe to change the bitmaps for all pages? That would certainly involve reverse engineering, which is not allowed at this forum.
Please read the rules first.

Posted on 2002-05-13 09:45:44 by Thomas
I would assume that the images are in the resource section... I don't
know (but don't think :)) using a resource modifier would qualify
as "Reverse Engineering". You'll probably find the images in some
obscure DLL somewhere in the system directory, iexplore.exe is
not much more than a stub.
Posted on 2002-05-13 09:49:29 by f0dder
the problem i was having is to get my tree html of 30000 nodes with +/-30000 images work fine. When i use standard li ul tags its fine but when i use own <src= fold.gif> ...etc then the performance is terrible*10000...well iexplore is just so bloody slower then assembly...

sorry then, i didn't know i was reverse engineering, haha well it sounds i'm getting serious business, well i won't bother anymore whit this subject..
Posted on 2002-05-13 09:56:31 by eisodur
REAL men write their own browser :)
Posted on 2002-05-13 10:03:45 by bazik
well i would if the customers didn't ask specifically to run under iexplore.exe... :(
Posted on 2002-05-13 10:06:32 by eisodur
The 'guts' of MSIE are contained inside a dll called something like shdoc.dll. MS doscuments it, VB pages go crazy over it.

It's an OLE ocx contrrol, meaning you need provide it a client site interface. This is childs play in VB, simple in VC, and possible in asm. X-treme released working source for a few k byte browser this way, and I believe jaspeth did some work on it too.

Check the COM section archives.
Posted on 2002-05-13 22:18:24 by Ernie
bah. no need to (re)-write any browsers or change resources of any existing ones...
css markers are the answer! (if you can use CSS)
Posted on 2002-05-13 22:31:35 by jademtech