I'm trying to do a proggie which shows all active or inactive e.g. listening connections on a host but i've just realised that i don't quite know how to do this

Ummm. Could you help please ?
Posted on 2002-05-13 11:00:12 by ViperV`
Posted on 2002-05-13 11:15:45 by Thomas

there's other way, beside the one used in the excellent nettool, that is the one that netstat use.

inetmib1.dll and snmp

Posted on 2002-05-13 18:11:24 by ancev
Well ancev you sure are right.
Nettool is an excelent tool.
btw Thomas you've got a pretty nifty page. Nice proggies.

Thank You.
Posted on 2002-05-14 15:24:28 by ViperV`