I'm writing a simple free utility for public use, to show shared resources can be Loaded with LoadIcon,LoadBitmap and LoadCursor functions with 0 as first param. So user can choose it
having a picture before his eyes, come with simple features added as well as copy value or proper API call string with value of choosen picture etc. etc.
My question is if System also have shared metafiles as it has bmp ico cur. So it can be loaded and use to accosiated with SS_ENHMETAFILE for example? And if it has some additional information of it is of interest (range of values, method to load them etc.)
I'll do the rest of my homework myself :)
Posted on 2002-05-13 19:37:23 by The Svin
While waiting for meta-answers I have one more question to ask.
The prog may check for anypossible shared system resources
(in range of 0 to FFFFh) though there are not many "undocumented" constant but there are some (usually in low a range from 1 to 150 depends on OS)
But in this case loading of the prog quite slow ~ 3 additiobal seconds. After loading (it performs check for resources on loading) it will work fast.

Or the prog should check only limited range - though in the range
all documented resources (let say of 32000 to 33000 range)
In the case loading will be very fast, but some "undocumaented" resources won't be loaded.

What do you think?
Posted on 2002-05-13 21:36:58 by The Svin
I don't know the answer to the first question, but for me
the second answer is speed first with option to be slow. ;)
Posted on 2002-05-13 22:28:47 by bitRAKE
Thanx, I thought of something like that,
awhile I posted preview of the utility.
Might be you be interested in code, I started code it for yourself and then thought it might be submitted, but didn't change style of working with API, the style I usually use working, but never sent in public demo codes.
Posted on 2002-05-14 00:33:50 by The Svin