yes i have actually asked for their help, but, always prefere having
more than one opinion.
Posted on 2002-05-14 03:06:08 by Shadowcrafter
Do we sell soft-ice? no.
Is this a soft-ice forum? no.

We all know where most soft-ice soft comes from and it's not from numega's store, but you're welcome.
Posted on 2002-05-14 04:13:13 by Hiroshimator
Ok i think i got your point, i will be more careful about where i post
though i did think this was the right place,
as for where it mostly comes from, i got mine from the right place,
and i got it because it was suggested as one of the best,but yes i also have hutches masm pack for the same reason.
anyhow i'd rather end any negative conversation and start afresh:grin:
Posted on 2002-05-14 18:27:23 by Shadowcrafter