i'm not a asembly familier (yet!) cause i always used vb for my programing.
now i reached to its limitation for writing a dll.
i have a program called PECOMPACT (http://www.CollakeSoftware.com/ )
it is a program for compressing pe files.
it has ability to add custom functions to pe file by adding plugins to program.
this plugins are dlls that must be in special form.
program included description of how we can write this dlls.
and some sample of plugins written in masm.
problem is, i don't know anything about masm and actually i can't undrestand what must i do with those variables and commands!

i have a dll for checking a lock on cd (that i easilly use it with vb).
now i want add this function to my exe files. so iwant a preoperative plugin (a dll) that i can call this dll from it. and check the return error value.
is there someone can help me how i can do this?

actually: how i can write a dll for using as plugin with pecompact, that i can call another dll from it and check the return value?

i need your help

i attached the sample plugin from program, please see it and also visit the site, thank you.
Posted on 2002-05-14 05:49:22 by Reza

probably the best chance you have is to email Jeremy Collake and ask him about the specifics. He is a nice guy and a very good programmer.


Posted on 2002-05-14 06:29:13 by hutch--

first i must thank you for your reply.
actually like all other normal people i did what you said.
i'm agree with you that he is a nice guy and a very good programmer. (actually his program PECOMPACT) is a very nice program.
but i think he is very busy. because he answered me that i can use sample plugin (i sent with my previous message) or he can do this for me for 750$.

i know that it is not a big money for a program, but i don't have this money, so i tried to find another resource for solving my problem.

i searched the net, read some book, download masm32 and tasm and some other stuff! but no success for me! i think i'm not genius enough to learn asm!:-)

problem is here yet. and i'm waiting for your help guys.
i know that for who that know how to do this it can be done in few minutes! (how much time will take writing a code to call a dll and checking the return value?!:-))

also i can done it myself if the sample file was in c. (i asked jremmy for a c sample but no reply)

ok, long message! waiting for your answer

i'm wondering about this forum! i sent my message hour age and 10 people read it in less than hour!
Posted on 2002-05-14 06:51:43 by Reza