after my previous thread i thinked about it and i decide to ask something else.
cause after reading forum (actually i read so many message her in past hour) i see that you done everything with asm!
actually it seems that you can do anything with this strange tools!

i have some exe files, now i want to add another custom function to it. i want to call a dll before executing that exe. and by the return value make a choice about continuing execution or terminating execution.

first i thought about making another program and joining it to exe file in some way that can do this. but i think it can't be done!

can you help me?

Posted on 2002-05-14 06:35:40 by Reza
I'm afraid this would violate the rules of this board. Yes, there's
legitimate reasons to do a thing like this (packers, crypters, adding
password protection to exes are just a few things that comes to
mind), but... tjah.

But it isn't all that hard... get iczelion's PE tutorials, the LUEVELSMEYER
PE docs, and the nice program called 'topo' or alternatively, "sadd".
Both should be available at www.programmerstools.org (note to
moderators: programmerstools is 100% legal and has no w4r3z,
so no need to censor this link).

I'm afraid that's as much help I can give without causing this thread
to be closed / disappear mysterically, but you can email me, or perhaps
look around for other boards that don't look at you suspiciously
for asking such a question :).
Posted on 2002-05-14 06:41:04 by f0dder