I've copied syntax hilitning code from iczelions tutorial into my program and it works different then in tutorial. When i load or paste from clipboard text into my richedit everything is ok but when i try to enter it from keyboard it looks like this :

Hilited font does not cover the normal font but forwards it
Anyone knows why it happends and how to fix this ?
Posted on 2002-05-15 04:52:09 by Kick10
If you show us an image we will be able to help you :rolleyes:
Posted on 2002-05-15 07:06:35 by CodeLover
lol, really this could help us to have an image !!:rolleyes:
Posted on 2002-05-15 08:03:08 by Vom-bonjour:-()
kick, the easiest way to get an image in your post is to attach it
to the thread.
Posted on 2002-05-15 08:44:16 by f0dder
Here is the image. I saw some apps with same problem so iam 100 sure someone know how to fix this.
Posted on 2002-05-15 11:03:36 by Kick10
I have the same problem in my IDE, but I didn't really take care about that, maybe when I'll have some time to code, I'll have a look at that. Sorry for not helping you. (I really work hard so I've no time to code since I will pass exams in june)

Posted on 2002-05-15 14:01:28 by Vom-bonjour:-()
heh, then tell me one thing : why it does not happen in Icz's tutorial?

btw. I am not kick # 10 but kick10 coz my thirname is Kicktenko and Kick10 is nick given me at school :)
Posted on 2002-05-16 06:27:12 by Kick10
Hey ppl, IDE developers look at my question. I need you help !!!!
Posted on 2002-05-20 07:50:32 by Kick10