This is a simple Edit program with a Type Ahead
routine that I will be placing in my AsmEdit
program in the near future, after the kinks are
worked out.

The routine is used for entering asm code plus
you can create your own custom Keywords, so with
a minimum of two keystrokes you can create a
partial or complete function.

Read the readme file, try the program and let me
know what you think.

You can download it from here:


Posted on 2001-08-08 10:13:22 by Ewayne
ewayne get this error message when trying to get your file

This file cannot be directly accessed, but must be linked through the Brinkster Member's site.

why not upload it to the board
Posted on 2001-08-09 02:17:29 by MArtial_Code
I have received several emails stating the same
problem go to my web site and download AsmTypeA.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted on 2001-08-09 14:23:09 by Ewayne