im using the mdi example supplied with the masm32 package to do some testing. i added a button to the MDIproc and now by pressing the first button on the toolbar and for each time you press it a mdi child window will popup with a button on it.

im trying to figure out how the messages are being processed because i want each child window thats created to be able to process the button messages such as BN_CLICKED. i put in a WM_COMMAND message handler in the MDIproc and the only mdi child window that responds to the BN_CLICKED message is the last one created. so if i only create one mdi child the button works properly but if i create an additional mdi child the new child with the button works properly but the older one doesnt do anything.
Posted on 2002-05-17 11:01:22 by smurf
ok i figured it out. in the demo when the client window was created only part of the CLIENTCREATESTRUCT structure was filled in. all i had to do was fill in the idFirstChild part of the structure so that each child window created has a sequential unique id.
Posted on 2002-05-17 12:35:39 by smurf