Ok, so Im taking Hutches advise and asking some questions here that might sound kinda stupid... but... here goes!

I'm getting back into assmbler after several years and am looking for information on accessing & controlling CD/DVD devices with assembler. Am not interested in having to write any device drivers to work with raw data. I've looked at some of the adaptec stuff (aspi) which I understand might be able to address ATAPI devices, but haven't found any good info on how to use ASPI to access them.

At this point I'm not interested in supporting anything below windows ME (ME, NT, win2K and XP). I've done all this in the distant past, but before protected mode came along. Looking for some sage advise here. If I'm going to really be successful with my project I absolutley need lowlevel control of the CD device.

In addition, I am looking at using C# for everyting else except the low level stuff.

Posted on 2002-05-17 13:38:06 by dlburlin