I have MASM32.
I downloaded the Platform SDK.
I can't find the specs for the function calls for asm.
I found them for C. I hate C.
Where are the specs for the function calls for asm?
Posted on 2002-05-17 14:31:33 by JOHNLOGIC
What do you mean "Fucntion Calls"?

You mean the C standard library? And the Masm equivallent? If so, look at the MASM32.hlp, M32LIB for sources, and MASM32.inc/MASM32.LIB for the includes. THere is a modest amount of "fucntion" to call in here.

If you mean a reference on the MASM32 assembler, do a search of the board for "Masm reference" there is a could web-based links in here somewhere, and a could .DOC downloads as well.

Posted on 2002-05-17 14:42:11 by NaN
JOHNLOGIC, welcome. :)

There aren't any specs in ASM for the API there are PROTOs for MASM that are created from the LIB files, and the PSDK was created for C/C++ programmers. Also, you might be able to find documentation on the web for other lanuages: Delphi, VB, etc... Most ASM programmers know and use other languages - even though ASM is always in their heart. Wish I could be more help.
Posted on 2002-05-17 14:43:41 by bitRAKE
Find the API calls you want to make, then post here if you have any problems declaring and/or using them.
Posted on 2002-05-17 15:43:11 by sluggy