While I was archiving all my CD's onto the 80GB so I can use with Virtual Drive (Virtual CD's) -- awesome program by the way -- I stumbled across some old 1996 DJGPP source code for an mp3 decoder written in C++/ASM and under the GNU license.

Was wondering if anyone here would be willing to take on the challenge of converting it into win32asm... it appears to only be about 1000-1500 lines of code between the various headers and source files...


Update: Actually, it is an MP1/MP2/MP3 decoder and is optimized for the 386/387 (he he)...
Posted on 2002-05-17 19:25:55 by _Shawn

Posted on 2002-05-18 00:12:24 by NaN
The archive is 66kb. I don't think I can post it here but I'll send email to you...

Posted on 2002-05-18 02:52:39 by _Shawn
Hi _Shawn,

I'd also be interested in the challenge!!

Posted on 2002-05-18 11:56:40 by gscundiff
I am also interested to do a mp3 decode in win32asm for HE game to play background music... so please send it to me also ;)

Posted on 2002-05-18 12:54:22 by BogdanOntanu
Mpeg123 includes a i568 asm decoder function (only the "important" part is done in ASM. Rest is C). It's written in GASM, but should be easy to translate to MASM/TASM :)

Posted on 2002-05-18 13:04:54 by bazik
Have you emailled it yet?

If so, and my hotmail gave you problems, just send me an email with a line of text, so i can get your address, and i will send you my private email (which is a bigger account).

But it know i have enough room on hotmail at the moment anyways ;)

Thanks alot for this!
Posted on 2002-05-18 13:57:20 by NaN
Decoder: [65k]

Encoder: [1.1MB]

Winzip will unzip them both. I used WinRAR, actually. I just located the MP3 Encoder today, it's LGPL. In fact, it's the Lame project, if any of you are familiar -- I only heard of it today.

The Decode link source files are coded in C++, and the Lame source files are pure C. Includes an MP3 Ripper, AVI to MP3, MP1/2/3 Codec at full 192kps encoding and the source in those files compiles on many platforms but the initial project files are written for VC++ 6.0... but doesn't matter, it's mostly platform independant code with little win32/mac0s or whatever dependancies.

I'd love to see if anyone can nitpic the Encode/Decode logic and create a MASM32 library version of it... that would be awesome...

Posted on 2002-05-18 15:59:12 by _Shawn