I'v just started learning ASM, but i'm not sure what IDE to start off with... i'm currently using MASM 6 (i think the ver is right)... what would be the best to start with for a newbie?

Thanks in advance:alright:,
Posted on 2001-08-08 22:32:58 by Ritual33
The assembler that you like the most is the best one to use. If you want to learn asm programming for windows, learn it first. If you want to program for DOS, learn that. They two completely different environments.

No matter what assembler you use, someone will be able to help you.
Posted on 2001-08-09 01:40:03 by eet_1024
Welcome to win32 assembly programming,
you mentioned your using masm v6 I hope you've downloaded Hutches masm32 package it contains all you'll need to program for windows in assembly.
As your using masm why not try ketilO's RadASM available for download here on this board.
It comes set to work with the default installation of masm32.

An alternative to masm is Betov's SPASM which is a self contained assembler...there should be a link from this board somewhere

the martial
Posted on 2001-08-09 01:43:25 by MArtial_Code

I'm also just starting to learn assembler.

Hutch's MASM32 package is excellent. It is fast, small, powerful, easy to use, easy to understand, customisable, and is based on MS's Macro assembler and linker etc. So you will never get stuck with anything - there's tons of help files, tutorials, examples and so on available just about everywhere, including on this board.

If you want an IDE with syntax highlighting, see my post "Found an excellent IDE" above. It is bigger than Hutch's package, but can be configured to use any assembler and linker etc., including TASM etc. You may also like to see the syntax highlighted. I am having a look at it at the moment, but maybe I'll stick with Hutch - don't know yet.

Betov's SpASM looks very interesting to me too, but I think it seems to be suffering at the moment from a shortage of documentation, which makes it difficult for newbies like myself to understand how it all works. Maybe when I get better, and understand more, I'll offer to help him write the necessary documents and help files.
Posted on 2001-08-09 04:31:20 by Hamper

A tip on MASM32 if you are just starting in assembler, Install it and add in both service packs so that its complete and have a play with it for a while to get used to what it does and how it works.

Once you have the swing of it you can start to change things to better suit your own programming style, different IDEs, resource editors etc ...

Ewayne Wagner has an IDE on the way, Ketil0 has RadAsm and there is a good chance that others will appear as well. Some of the guys use UltraEdit and a few purists still use PFE as its free and very powerful.

Regards & good assembler programming.

Posted on 2001-08-09 05:50:02 by hutch--