i need to hide a mdi child window when i click on its minimize button. normally when you minimize a mdi window it will minimize down to the bottom of the client window but will still display a small caption box. i have been able to hide the window only by clicking on a button control and hiding it that way but i have yet to figure out a message combination to hide it by clicking on its minimize button.
Posted on 2002-05-18 00:56:42 by smurf
Afternoon, Smurf.

In the MDI Child windows' msgproc....

Handle the WM_SIZE message and compare wParam for SIZE_MINIMIZED .

Then just use (invoke ShowWindow, hWnd, SW_HIDE).

Posted on 2002-05-18 02:27:43 by Scronty
thanks Scronty it works like a charm.
Posted on 2002-05-18 09:31:17 by smurf