The same Styles but with English help.
Help need to be in the same directory as the programm file.
Help suposed to be use only inside the app,
press question mark on controls, or use F1 while focus is on control. full description of 221 styles with ability to create symbolic or numeric strings for them. Some analyzing features.
Dbl click on window brings additional query.
Posted on 2002-05-18 06:11:33 by The Svin
WinNT: Multi-line edit control doesn't redraw correctly on scroll.

Svin, this tool is getting very *flashy*. Too many bells and whistles for my eyes. Could you add an old man button? :tongue: Also, I couldn't tell TreeView was on the bottom of the controls list.
Posted on 2002-05-20 07:43:23 by bitRAKE
You have your point.
I did it intently, to show how to do some simple to code effects.
You can change a code to customize look of it.
You know, I'm lazy to write just demos :)
It was "demo and utility" to have excuse write some public code
about gui.
I personaly prefer ascetic styles, nothing that is not functional, and as a few controls as it is possible.
Just remove few lines (and resources) from code.
About old man button, simple association with ani will give nothing, but you can use bmps (or icons) sequence with periodic times to achive the same effect to associate on timer with new image.
Posted on 2002-05-21 00:44:33 by The Svin
:grin: What I meant is an "Old man" button to turn off flashy effects. :)

Yes, it looks like a good demo of all windows gadgets. Only thing I use the mouse for is cut-n-paste where it is faster than the keyboard, or graphics manipulation.
Posted on 2002-05-21 07:41:42 by bitRAKE
Only thing I use the mouse for is cut-n-paste where it is faster than the keyboard

Even for cut-n-paste I use mostly keyboard.
Using shift + keys and combinations of keys that moves carret.
(arrows,arrows + ctrl,home,end,(home,end)+ctrl).
It's not just my personal preference, for the first time when I used computer I mostly used mouse for that, but later I had times when I needed to type alot, and was forced to analyze what trapped me from fast typing.
I noted that most time when I lost temp was when I needed to move text cursor. It was for two reasons:
1. I was loosing fingers position on keyboard (as a musician I learnt fast blind typing method and for the method was very important to keep control on fingers position on keybpoard)
2. Though for the first time it was easier to set text cursor with mouse when I need to put it in some place, I noted that keyboard operation is more controlable for that and reduces very much misses often possible working with mouse.
So first I learn fast orientation in most effective ways to put text cursor position to any part of text with keyboard. Next it was very easy to apply this expirience for selecting text with keyboard (I just keep pressing shift and rest actions are the same as if I just move text cursor) as to cut-copy-paste-undo actions - it was at once faster with keyboard
all letters (zxcv) in one line, pinky presses ctrl and I very fast memoryzed actions as
z - russian word zapretit (undo)
x - as scissors (cut)
c - as copy
v - russian word for paste - vstatvit
It was much faster than right click + pop menu click.
And of course more controlable.
It doesn't mean I don't use mouse, but I avoid it as much as possible when typing and it was result of research and test speed for it with keyboard vs mouse while typing.
Posted on 2002-05-24 06:28:31 by The Svin