Decoder: [65k]

Encoder: [1.1MB]

Winzip will unzip them both. I used WinRAR, actually. I just located the MP3 Encoder today, it's LGPL. In fact, it's the Lame project, if any of you are familiar -- I only heard of it today.

The Decode link source files are coded in C++, and the Lame source files are pure C. Includes an MP3 Ripper, AVI to MP3, MP1/2/3 Codec at full 192kps encoding and the source in those files compiles on many platforms but the initial project files are written for VC++ 6.0... but doesn't matter, it's mostly platform independant code with little win32/mac0s or whatever dependancies.

I'd love to see if anyone can nitpic the Encode/Decode logic and create a MASM32 library version of it... that would be awesome...

Posted on 2002-05-18 16:40:33 by _Shawn
Thanx for the source, but what is TGZ?

I use winace (since it has so many supported zip formats), and GZ is one of them, but it doesnt recognize TGZ?

I tried renaming it, but it failed.

Do i have to download Winzip to unpack this, or is there a simple dos tool for this?


: I found this with a goodle search. Guess im not *that* hopeless after all ;)
Posted on 2002-05-19 03:58:56 by NaN
".tgz" ar tar-files, compressed with gzip :)
On a linux box just do a "tar -zxvf filename.tgz" to unpack it...
Posted on 2002-05-19 05:59:58 by bazik
The my first post in this thread for an updated link for the decoder supporting Winzip.

Posted on 2002-05-19 12:23:32 by _Shawn
NaN have you ever used winrar for your main unpacker? winrar is the best one i have ever used and i have tried many. and yes winrar supports the format your having trouble with.
Posted on 2002-05-19 13:10:13 by smurf
Thanx Smurf, i tried it years ago and it didnt really impress me. I guess its been thru some revision before then and now, will have to look at it...

Posted on 2002-05-19 15:02:38 by NaN
Hi _Shawn

The ftp is password protected....Post the files on the board, pls.


Posted on 2002-05-28 13:10:01 by Beyond2000!
I've mirrored them on my school acount for you here:
(Man my school is anal, it wont let up upload the zip with "MP3" in the name :rolleyes: )

Mp3 Decode
Mp3 Encode

If there are others thinking of making a MASM version of the source, i suggest we collaborate and possibly split up the work load?? Anyone thinking of such?

Posted on 2002-05-28 14:28:20 by NaN
Well, NaN,

Looks your alone on this one... actually, if we write the decoder, people will probly follow through with the encoder. I'd help as best I can the problem being I'm not very good with ASM (enough to write a codec) and have my hands tied with time...

Posted on 2002-05-29 02:44:03 by _Shawn