Browsing around, I found an excellent IDE, called "conTEXT".

It has many useful features:

- multiple programming language support, including standard and customisable syntax highlighting
- multiple spoken language support
- four user-definable speed buttons (e.g. assemble only, link only, assemble and link, run program)
- you can even select and copy vertical sections/columns of text (as well as the traditional horizontal selection mode)

Check it out at
Posted on 2001-08-09 04:13:11 by Hamper
Indeed a nice one..

i just wonder in what language it is written :D
Posted on 2001-08-09 21:03:26 by BogdanOntanu
It's in the FAQ :) :
What language did you use to code ConTEXT?

Delphi v4.0.
Posted on 2001-08-09 22:33:24 by bitRAKE