Hello to all,
i hope i am not violating the rules of the board:)

this question has nothing to do with asm programming..

we have two networks here. both using tcp/ip.. what i am trying to do is to communicate with a computer that is logged into the other network , that is, if possible! of course i can restart and login into the same network and then i will be able to see that computer but if there is another way i would like to know..
to tell u the details, that computer is the internet proxy and in order for me to get to the internet i have to relogin to that network which is not desirable.

thanks to all.
Posted on 2001-08-09 06:45:09 by Ray
umm if all you want to do is get on the internet through it try putting it as default gateway or seting it as the proxy in your browser... using the IP bla bla.. you probably know how that works...
Posted on 2001-08-09 06:52:22 by NervGaz
ive tried that, but i cant 'see' that computer. if i ping its IP i get no response.
Posted on 2001-08-09 07:02:37 by Ray
If that's the case I can't think of anything that you can do other than talk to your sysadmin... (and remember be nice to your sysadmin, the can make your life a living hell if they want to...) he'll probably be glad to help you out if there isn't any really good reason for not letting the net you on access the internet...
hmm are the nets physically connected?... if that's the case you might be able to set the switch/bridge/router separating them as you default gateway and "see" the computer that way... just a thougt
Posted on 2001-08-09 07:48:30 by NervGaz