I want to know the speed at which the CD was write with .
i.e. 12x , 16x .. etc

Any Suggestion ??

Thanks for your time.

Posted on 2002-05-22 12:28:51 by Sa6ry
well, with Nero (? :confused: ) you may be able to know it since you select the write speed ;) .

Well, sorry, this is not the answer you may have waited for.

(Nero is available at www.nero.com)

Posted on 2002-05-22 13:08:40 by Vom-bonjour:-()

there is no way to do this, but you may ask Joerg Schilling the author of cdwrite and mkisofs.


In addition you may check out the 'yellow book' for CD-ROM/XA and the 'orange book' for CD-R/CD-RW specification, but I didn't find such info in it.

Bye Miracle
Posted on 2002-05-23 03:31:29 by miracle