i have a rect struct that get filled with viewport coordinates. using that structure and the mouse point location on the screen i make a comparison between the two.

invoke PtInRect,addr rect, curPt.x,curPt.y ;compare the two

the problem is that those viewport corrdinates are not working right in my function and im thinking i need to make some sorta conversion. ive never run across viewport corrdinates before can someone explain whats the deal with them.
Posted on 2002-05-22 13:01:50 by smurf
i have a rect struct that get filled with viewport coordinates
by which function? GetViewPortExtEx gives units depending on the mapping mode, by default just in plain pixels, relative to the device. Maybe you mixed up window and screen coordinates.
Posted on 2002-05-23 04:49:46 by beaster
trying to get the rect of a tab on a tab control:

Retrieves the bounding rectangle for a tab in a tab control. You can send this message explicitly or by using the TabCtrl_GetItemRect macro.

wParam = (WPARAM) (int) iItem;
lParam = (LPARAM) (RECT FAR *) prc;[/i]

Index of the tab.
Address of a RECT structure that receives the bounding rectangle of the tab, in [b][u]viewport coordinates[/u][/b].
Posted on 2002-05-23 10:02:02 by smurf