is this possible at least on win9x???no, I don't want GlobalMemoryStatus or whatever api:D
Posted on 2002-05-23 15:20:40 by DZA
I doubt it's possible in any clean way. Try finding some of the
"udocumented 9x" documents, perhaps there's a way. Not that
I can see why you'd want to do it without api, but oh well.
Posted on 2002-05-23 15:37:20 by f0dder
I have done code which reads the exact amount of memory out of the DIMM slot on win9x...dunno tho how to deal with DDR (I don't even own such thing) so I thought it might be some easyer (universal) method?
Posted on 2002-05-24 03:12:23 by DZA
you can get the DemandInfoStruct (look in Win9x DDK) with undokumented kernel32 call (info comes from Pietrek book "windows secrects", I think):

invoke VxDCall2,0001001Eh,addr dis,NULL

VxDCall2 is entry 2 in kernel32, dis is DemandInfoStruct.

here is my little test app for that (win9x only!):
Posted on 2002-05-24 04:37:45 by japheth
uhm, that is really great:) 10x
Posted on 2002-05-24 10:09:32 by DZA