Use "o" for "tools" shortcut so it doesn't conflict with "text".

When text is selected, make the tabulator ident it insted of
replacing selected text with a tab. You already have the "indent
text" tool, so this shouldn't be too hard :).

Have checkmarks for the togglable (sp?) options, like edit->autoindent.
This is a minor and cosmetic thing, but it would be nice.

Have a tool menu option to generate an asm template, with no
questions asked - a simple replacement for manually opening a template
file. Even better, make the template it inserts (NOT opens!!!) user
customizable... I guess this could be implemented as a plugin module,
I might take a look at this :).

Qeditor definitely is a nice editor, keep up the good work.
Posted on 2001-08-10 09:02:51 by f0dder
Hutch hutch hutch (tsk tsk tsk).
Qeditor has MAJOR problems when your source file is saved on another
partition. I can't even access the editor settings if I have a file open
on another partition :). So much for hardcoded (?) \masm32 references. This sucks bigtime :(. I use my C partition for windows
and programs, so I can use ghost to recover quickly from problems
(my C partition is thus very static). My (small) D partition is used for
documents and sourcecode, something that I can easily and quikcly
back up. Putting masm32 on drive D, or my source on drive C, is
not an option.

OK, this seems to be fixable if I modify editor settings, so it's not
that big an issue... but pretty annoying default :/

How are you handling hotkeys by the way? I just noticed some
strange behaviour. I had a "find" dialog open (windows explorer
find), which I closed with alt+f4. I released alt just after the window
closed, then qeditor got the focus, and I released F4, and this got
me the replace dialog. This is reproducable behaviour :).

A few more features that would be nice: more "filters" in the open
box, say for text files and asm files. Not high priority, I can always
type "*.asm" or "*.txt", but still... :).

Perhaps a "recently used files" list. I hated them when I was younger,
but as I grow older ;) and get more source, I have to split it into
a source hierarcy... which means it's a bit bothersome to find the
source file I need to open.

Oh well, hope you like some constructive feedback/criticism.
Posted on 2001-08-10 10:42:47 by f0dder

thanks for the feedback, there are some limitations imposed by making the installation so that it will work on any partition and that is it has paths relative to the root directory of that partition.

The setup for MASM32 is adjustable so that you can change any of the batch files to handle the drive that the package is installed on. This effects the build and buildall batch files and it is simple enough to change the paths of ML, LINK, CVTRES and RC so that they have the drive in the batch file.

For templates, the Prostart code wizard should do the job as it builds multifile working skeletons. It automatically build files with the absolute paths hard coded into the include/includelib directives and these can be built from any drive on the machine.

The "Merge" option in QE will load any file in as text but unless you are writing all of your code in a single file, this will not handle things like resource files.

The plugin DLL interface should be flexible enough for you to add more or less whatever you like, all you need to know is the various messages for rich edit 1 and the rest is reasonably simple.

With the INI editor, you can make any setting stored there work on any drive by setting the absolute path for the selected tool.

Thanks for the feedback,

Posted on 2001-08-10 19:42:43 by hutch--
Hutch, I got it more or less working by changing a *lot* of files.
If you yourself made minor changes to prostart, no changes at all
would be necessary. But oh well :).

Templates... I don't want the wizard. I want a three-keypress menu
option, or even less, that gives me a skeleton *I* want. I'm tired
of going through endless menus. After all, assembly is supposed to
be fast ;).

As for plugin DLLs... I couldn't find any specifications in masm32, and
I'm too tired right now to disassemble. Why haven't you made the
specifications directly available? Please email them to me soon.

And fix the various keyboard problems :).
Posted on 2001-08-10 21:15:24 by f0dder