To Hutch, About Printing in Windows XP

Hello, Hutch

Thank you for your answer, but I need to know, how I can to print in Windows XP without problems like to Windows98, Because my print program in MASM32 has not problems in Windows98, only in Windows XP and I told you about "W" functions because I was thinking in this solution, but If you know another solution please let me know which is the correct struture for to print from MASM32 in Windows XP, Because I'm tryed with print examples from Ron's Cornucopia and Test, and these examples aren't work too.

If you want and if you have time, I will send you my DLL and let me know why the program prints in Windows95/98, but not in Windows XP.

I'm using this struture for to print:


Printing Data


Regards and Thank you,
Posted on 2002-05-24 09:34:53 by YunKaX32Bits