I have a fullscreen app converted to win32 and it works well in fullsceen mode if the current video mode is 2 or 3 (80x25 color modes). If current video mode is 7 (80x25 monochrom mode) it looks strange (since all colors map to either black or white). I cannot find a method for a win32 app to check if current mode is monochrom.

Is there any solution (which should work for 2k/XP too!)?
Posted on 2002-05-24 15:39:28 by japheth
I found this one:

Posted on 2002-05-27 04:29:33 by beaster

thanks for the reply but could you please be a bit more specific? Reading the infos about this func from platform SDK I cannot see how this function can provide the infos I need.

Posted on 2002-05-27 05:57:20 by japheth
I'm sorry, I thought, you need to know, at which character resolution the console runs. Nevertheless the wAttributes member of the CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFO
structure might help further. Maybe the color flags differ between Mono and color modes.

But I never tried this, I did only a quick search in my docu (sometimes someone else can find an info by looking for the same thing with different words)
Posted on 2002-05-29 04:00:47 by beaster