I'am sorry if this qe. is lame :(

i want to know what is the aim of the 3D Engine.

and if i need an 3d engine to make a game.

why their is something called Direct 3D ..

i am new to game programming and i know nothing in this feild :( expect coding 2D AI ( sega, XO , connect 4 )

i want to know the step to develop a game.

by which tool i create the models. how i move them .. etc

and how i insert them to the code ..

i am really confused because i dont know how the life go .

can you describe it to me in breif , or gide me to a good tut.

thanks for your time.

i'm sorry gain if this topic is too general.
Posted on 2002-05-24 16:57:50 by Sa6ry

You can find everything about 3d engines this link



have nice days!
Posted on 2002-05-24 17:21:48 by CYDONIA
DirectX/Direct3D and OpenGL are merely libraries of routines which could be used as elements of a 3d engine. They are not a 3d engine in themself. Although hundreds, if not thousands, of 3d engines exist, each has its own limitations and special functionality which is not often suitable for a given project.
Graphic engines are also useless in themselves, complicated as they may be, for they need to be "driven" by an application. In fact, a graphic engine is a mere component of a game engine, whose other components may include things like a physics engine, a particle engine, an artificial intelligence engine, a fractal geometry engine, and any number of other modules.
We constantly strive to create something more amazing, more eye-catching, and this unfortunately means redesigning our whole way of thinking and thus our program structures.
This is the life of a modern professional 3d programmer, and in particular, that of the modern professional gamecoder.
Posted on 2002-05-25 07:37:56 by Homer