There is a free ide for ultraedit (ideasm) but the download page currently doesn't work. Ultraedit page links to a program UMake. Is this the same program but became share ware or the free program doesn't exist anymore? Thanks.
Posted on 2002-05-24 22:06:32 by BeHereNow
Always been shareware - but well worth buying!
Posted on 2002-05-24 23:31:45 by JimmyClif
shareware = bad:grin:
Posted on 2002-05-25 11:28:08 by Jayrome
The original program "IdeAsm" was developed by CodeFumbler and ShADe, however their download link/mirror do not work. Umake is developed by another person(don't remember who). I don't think they are the same program. I'm not sure if "IdeAsm" is discontinued, or was sold to be now marketed under Umake name. I tried Umake but either I don't know how to use it fully or I like Rad Asm much better(however I can't get RadAsm to integrate with Tasm, not just Masm). Any knowledge about the original "IdeAsm"?
Posted on 2002-05-25 13:59:34 by BeHereNow
I have the original 'IDEASM' from that webpage somewhere lying around. If you want me to I'll ftp/icq it up for you (after I find it)
Posted on 2002-05-25 14:07:17 by JimmyClif
Thanks that would be a lot of help. BTW RadAsm does support Tasm I just found out. Thanks again.
I almost forgot, I don't use ICQ but I do have a msn messanger and an email so if you do find it let me know if you can use these or not(depending on program size).
Posted on 2002-05-25 14:29:34 by BeHereNow
I found it:

IdeASM v1 == almost 5MB's
IdeASM BugFix == 28 KB
Old Version of UEdit == 1.2 MB's (probably not needed :))

It's quite much for an email.. and I don't have Msn Messenger :(

What about IRC ?

/maybe we should move this to Private Messaging ?

check your pm
Posted on 2002-05-25 14:45:59 by JimmyClif
I used both both authors and of course programs different. I know the link seems doesn't work but without download managers(I use flashget) one of the link is working. Once upon time I have fighted with links but.. as I explained, I suggest, try without download managers. But there is(at least) a bug in it. Seems never stops compiling but finishes background. :)
Posted on 2002-05-25 22:08:52 by cakmak