I have been working on this code wizard for some weeks now and it sems to be working correctly in the cases that I have tested it with. What I need if anyone has some spare time is for it to be tested independently by people who are familiar with MASM32 style coding to see if it works consistently.

It is a seperate EXE file that uses the old Microsoft Dialog Editor to visually design the dialog interface which is then used to eitgher create a working EXE skeleton or with the other option, an extra dialog to be added to an existing dialog based project.

There is a README.TXT file that explains how to set it up and how to set up the old Microsoft Dialog Editor.

I want this wizard to go into the next service pack for MASM32 so any feedback would be useful to make sure it is reliable.

The basic concept in using the old Microsoft Dialog Editor is to get the interface running correctly and the code working, then edit the RSRC.RC file with a later dialog editor that has more controls and options on it. I have found the old Symantec one works OK with the RC files created by DLGWIZ.


Posted on 2002-05-25 06:38:38 by hutch--

; Placed these prototypes in your main include file
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Posted on 2002-05-26 03:44:50 by hutch--
Hi Hutch

i am testing dlgwiz now...I'm using windows2000 (and win95 on the other partition).

So far no errors, but i believe it would be better making dlgwiz able to load the resources dialogs from a .res;.rc; .exe;.dll files, instead only .dlg.

That's because, the .dlg generated with DLGEDIT is an script file just like .rc used on masm, but dlgwiz only accepts DIALOG based and not DIALOGEx

I'm tyrying to test it, but it's kinda limited due to tyhe use of dlgedit. Improving the ablility to load dialog resources from other files, would be better, since they could be ripped directly and with all the dialogs showned, and it will disable the use of DLGEDIT that is an old tools, and don't provide all info on .res files that were loaded since the size limit.

And you could pls provide it with the sources, to other people can be able to learn with this app, and eventually improve it.

I would like to try it on my files, but since this limitation, it can't be done without the use of DLGEDIT. (or making by hand a .rc file and changing it to .dlg, that would be hard on large files)

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-05-29 19:20:13 by Beyond2000!

Thanks for the feedback on DLGWIZ. The problem is that there is no other commonly available resource editor around and the old DLGEDIT program can be distributed with MASM32 under the existing licence.

While I would like to have a much later resource editor available to build this application from, unfortunately there are none that can be used.

It is not really a problem in that the RC file that is created can be opened with most Microsoft compatible resource editors and modified complete with adding later controls that are not available in the old resource editor.

I personally use the old Symantec one and it will open the RC file with no problems and you can modify it in whatever way you like.

The code in these wizards is not written with intelligibility in mind and much of the stored text is created with a special tool that I had to write to do this type of work some years ago.
I might add that this app is written in PowerBASIC so you would have to own that as well.

If anyone else has any fedback, it would be appreciated as it helps to find things that I missed during development.


Posted on 2002-05-30 03:02:34 by hutch--
Hi Hutch,

About a later resource editor that can be used with dlgwiz...try resedit from Ewayne. It's an impressive tool, and the results is much better then the one produced with dlgedit.

I know that they where writtent in powerbasic...but can you translated'em to masm ? On that way, no license agreements would be violated.

I'll would like to test it, and i'm trying to, but it will take long time, since i have to convert the resources to .dlg compatible, and i'm saying that convert a huge amount of data to test it properly.

Best Regards,

Posted on 2002-05-30 03:50:38 by Beyond2000!
When I try to Build EXE File, it always asks to open the dialog file first, even though I opened it and there are symbols drawn in the listbox.

I'm using Win98 Se in french and all the exe files like ml, link, etc. are in another path (not c:\masm32)

I hope it's not an 18'' from screen bug...
Posted on 2002-05-31 12:01:38 by Silas

Just let me know how you produced the problem, what it must have is the path set to where you want to build the file, you must have a DLG file created with the old Microsoft resource editor and you then must open that file so that there are controls in the list box.

Make sure you have set up the old Microsoft Dialog editor with the options described in the text file that comes with it. Without this the parser will not work correctly.


Posted on 2002-05-31 22:14:17 by hutch--
Ok, here are the steps I've made.
First, I downloaded the software on the desktop in the folder C:\windows\bureau\dlgwiz

Then, put the target dir to c:\windows\bureau\dlgwiz\test

I've set the paths in C:\SilasPrg since that's where I've put my compilers

I've run the dialog editor
I've created a new dialog and named the dlg symbol DlgTest
I've created two controls, one label named LblTest and one Button named BtnTest

I have not changed any other attributes other than the name
In the options, nothing is checked other than the toolbox

I've saved as the default name for the dialogs.h and dialogs.res
and I've closed the dialog editor.

Back in the wizard, I've opened the dlg file.
I see the LblTest as h0Label1 Label and the BtnTest as h0Butn1 PushButton

When I press the build exe file, the msgbox pops with
"There is no dialog script open to create an EXE file from."

I've tried with other controls and name after that, as well as checked keys for the message handlers

I've double checked the paths and exe files and they are correct.

I hope I'm not the only one with this problem, otherwise, it will be pretty hard to debug.

I've attached the screenshots (the colors are weird because I shrunk the bitmap to 256 colors in paint)
Posted on 2002-06-03 11:53:10 by Silas

Thanks for showing me what has happened, it looks like it is set up correctly so I don't know what is happening with the error dialog. It displays when there are no controls in the list box. Thios is done to ensure that an empty dialog is not built and it is also a technique to determine if the settings in the dialog editor are incorrect.

I will see if I can work it out but at the moment, I don't know what has happened.

If anyone else has had this problem, please let me know.


Posted on 2002-06-03 22:44:46 by hutch--
I want to open an res file form dlgedit.exe it tell me the file is larger than 64K,and open one another file can edit in BC++502 it tells me the file isnot an rescoure file.
Posted on 2002-06-11 18:34:53 by Const.Ex
the picture is here,Borland C++ 502 and DLGEDIT
Posted on 2002-06-11 18:36:47 by Const.Ex

The old Microsoft Dialog Editor is a 16 bit application so it will not handle more than 64k anyway.

I used it with the code wizard because its readily available and has the licencing from the platformsdk so it can be used with no problems.

All the code wizard uses it for is to create the basic user interface so that it can generate the code from it. Usually you edit the RSRC.RC file with a later and more powerful dialog editor so that you can use more controls and styles.

Just note that the Borland resource editor/compiler is not compatible with the Microsoft format so you will need to use the correct resource compiler with the correct editor.


Posted on 2002-06-11 22:12:19 by hutch--
Oh,thanks,I see.some times I use borland compiler because it faster than VC7's RC compilier.

I noticed that your DLGEDIT possable can Run upon Windows3.X,
I think if can support .dlg file will be more cool,:alright:

by the way,Is MASM32v7 != microsoft ASMer?
some friends tell me MASMv5 include fully import lib,So I also use MASM32v5,but today I download MASM32v7 and found there also have fully import lib,some other friends tells me MASM32v7 not support 16-bit program anymore?
Or there are an other MASM32 version.....
posible my question such fool,but I guess that you are the MASM32v7's Author~~:rolleyes:

Posted on 2002-06-11 22:55:14 by Const.Ex

None of the versions of MASM32 have supported 16 bit code, they were all designed to write native 32 bit windows code.

The current version MASM32 version 7 is later and has more stuff in it than the earlier versions so it is the one to use at the moment.

With the old Microsoft Dialog Editor, I have used it because it is freely available, not because its the latest or best. The dialog wizard that uses it creates the working dialog code that builds into a working 32 bit EXE file.

What you would normally do is open the RSRC.RC file AFTER the EXE has been created and edit it and add later types of controls to it. The RES file from the old Dialog Editor is in win3 format which is no use in 32 bit programs, it is only used by the old dialog editor. The DLG file can be used by the current RC.EXE from Microsoft.


Posted on 2002-06-14 22:14:36 by hutch--
Want Cooler GUI but old reseditor can't support new feathers.....
Exapmle Flat2000 for ASM,Exbars for ASM,Alpha Hint for ASM??
I know now there can find these UserDefineControl,
but I guess there would be some....

keep up the good woek:alright:
Posted on 2002-06-14 22:41:25 by Const.Ex