I am having one heck of a time trying to find out how to set a real time clock alarm.

I know this can be done since the MS Hardware Compatability Test does it on my laptop, but I cannot find out what API is needed.

Please let me know as I would like to be able to have my laptop in a standby mode, wake it up and do a task, then put it back to sleep (standby).

Thanks in Advance
Posted on 2001-08-10 16:33:35 by Freddy
I wrote an alarm clock/stopwatch/countdown timer,
but I don't know if this is what you need. It may
give you an idea for what you really need. The
source is posted on Iczelion's site.

It uses a DateTimePicker control to allow you to
set the alarm time. You can also set it to alarm
every "x" seconds.

If you think this might help, look on Iczelion's
site, or I'll send it to you or post it here!

If you can improve it or find any errors, let
me know!

Posted on 2001-08-10 18:31:20 by farrier
You could contact the manufacturer of the driver. You also might look at the sources of a Linux driver for it (if such a thing exists).
Posted on 2001-08-11 01:10:03 by eet_1024