Hello again Hutch,
I'm afraid I've found some more bugs in QEditor now. Like the last one they are non-fatal, but they are a little more serious than that one (the 'Check Menus' error), as these new ones relate to commands that are used in normal editing work.

The keyboard shortcuts for "Save" and "Set Current Directory" are indicated by the underscores to be 'S' and 'D' respectively. But the descriptions at the right edge of that menu state that the shortcuts are Alt-S (identical) and Alt-C (differs) respectively. But in fact neither of these choices has been implemented. Instead it is Alt-C that causes a save, while it is Alt-S that causes the setting of a new current directory. Quite confusing I'd say...

Another bug ( or is it just a 'feature' ? :) ) occurs when a search has resulted in failure. After closing the message popup the F2 shortcut will not work for new searches until some mouse click has been made. This is probably a focus issue, due to the fact that the last input made was to the temporary window of the popup.

Since you need to fix shortcuts anyway, I suggest you reconsider the choice for the 'Find' command. Most Windows users are very much accustomed to Ctrl-F for this, and will probably keep trying that ( like I do :) ). This problem won't go away with practice either, as many other programs use Ctrl-F as the standard shortcut for 'Find'.
Posted on 2002-05-27 00:38:53 by RAdlanor
Wow, never noticed that before... but your right about the alt-c and alt-s

As for the find? Just a curiousity...
Since I almost never use "exact match" with find... It is slightly incovientent to have to click that everytime I use the find option...

Is there a way to set a default for "no exact match"?

If not no big whoop... I'm just not used to it really (and QEditor has been my default .asm editor for quiet some time)...

Hutch, as always, keep up the good work...

Posted on 2002-05-27 01:12:14 by Sliver
What??? Alt-C and Alt-S were mixed up????

Darn... and I had myself pressing Alt-F-S just to save since I couldn't get Alt-S to save....
Posted on 2002-05-27 01:14:53 by AmkG

Thanks for finding this bug, funny part was I had all of the code commented so it was really easy to find, the 2 SendMessage calles were in the wrong place and did not match the commenting.

As far as changing the hotkeys, there are so many different combinations that there is no point copying any one in particular, qeditor emulated qeditor.

Here is the replacement.




Use the ini editor program to edit this setting, double click on the "Set Search Case" in the list at the top and change the setting to zero "0".
Posted on 2002-05-27 02:11:11 by hutch--
Hutch, I'm afraid I've found yet another bug. :(

This one relates to the new auto-indent feature of removing the indent of a new line by pressing 'Return' again. That is a great feature to have, especially when the indents are not tabs, but spaces which would require many 'Deletes' to remove.

Unfortunately it can not only remove indentation spaces, but also real text. This doesn't happen every time, and won't happen at all when you just enter consecutive lines. It is when you reedit an already existing text that the bug can strike, as you insert new lines.

Apparently the code doesn't really check the characters to the left of the cursor in the text buffer, but instead cares more for the latest input characters, ignoring cursor movements with arrows or mouse...

If the cursor is moved from a position where another 'Return' press should remove indentation, to a line which contains text to the left of the new cursor position, then the odds are high that this text will disappear when 'Return' is pressed to insert a new line. When this happens there is no way to get back the lost characters. They are not in the nomal undo buffer, so Ctrl-Z has no effect.

Btw: I hope you found my other thread on a small QEditor bug, which was in fact a bug in SetIni.exe, though I hadn't realized that when I made the original post.
Posted on 2002-05-27 02:56:29 by RAdlanor
Seems like you are the only one who uses QEditor ;)
Noone else reported such a lot of bugs here!
Posted on 2002-05-27 06:33:37 by bazik
I am interested in the problem you are having with the autoindent, I have used it for some years now and it behaves exactly as I wrote it. Where you can lose text is if you have it highlited and then press enter as you replace the selection with the enter characters CRLF which is normal.

I wrote it to remove trailing spaces as I don't like an editor that leaves a trail of dead white spaces behind it but I cannot find any other problem with it as it does what I wanted it to do in terms of autoindent.

I cannot duplicte the problem unless some of the line being edited is highlited so I cannot really help you here.


Posted on 2002-05-27 08:45:33 by hutch--
I definitely did not have any characters 'selected' in my tests of this, and I did test it in several editing sessions. I am well aware that selected characters get replaced by whatever is input next, but that was not the case in these tests.

It is odd that you don't get the same results, but it doesn't happen every time here either. I shall try to find a sequence that can trigger it reliably and then (if I find one) post it here, so you can try that on your system.
Posted on 2002-05-27 12:02:24 by RAdlanor