Hi everyone,

Few days ago I encountered this site on the net... and I found it contains a html book which is nothing more than a tutorial for Win32asm. I do not know how good or bad it is... but I think it might be worth letting you all know about the site and decide for yourself. Hope you find it usefull.

Clcik here for a direct link (I hope)

Otherwise... here is the address: http://win32asm.cjb.net/



Posted on 2002-05-27 05:18:43 by Droluar
no offense intended but sometimes I really wonder how you guys find out about this messageboard :grin:

lookie here <-- it's our father site :)
Posted on 2002-05-27 05:23:26 by Hiroshimator

I just realized it turns out this is Iczelion's tutorial on win32ASM... so I bet you all know about it. Therefore, at the mo I feel extremely stupid. Anyways, such is life
Posted on 2002-05-27 05:24:28 by Droluar
no really don't

I noticed more people haven't seen icz tutes before, so this board must be known 'somewhere' ;)

but I guess to us oldies it seems strange. Ah well our own fault.
Posted on 2002-05-27 05:27:39 by Hiroshimator
ohhhh ...
shame on you Droluar ...
all these 200+ posts in the Crusades and you come and post this link to an unhealthy site ... hmmm ... bad boy ..

ps: I've seen better ... :alright:
Posted on 2002-05-27 06:18:28 by code1101
Unhealthy site? That depends on the use u make of it... Besides I only posted the link relating to the ASM tutorial... nothing more nothing less. I realized later it refered to the original andbetter site of Iczelion...

Posted on 2002-05-27 08:58:32 by Droluar
i found a link to this board through some page on the OS-dev ring, even though i had read Icz's tutes a long time before that... i only read the tutes section. :grin:
Posted on 2002-05-27 09:54:03 by jademtech
Droluar, I believe code1101 is talking about the hosting site for those tuts.
Posted on 2002-05-27 09:55:35 by bitRAKE
I know he meant the hosting site. And all I said was that I did not say anything about it... only posted the link to the asm tutorial. I never mentioned what the main purpose of the site seems to be as I did not want potential malicious coders to get a good link from me. I still hope that many of those coders do not read this thread as the title might not seem very appealing for such purposes.

Posted on 2002-05-27 10:12:08 by Droluar
Droluar ...
take it easy pal ...
I was just kidding with you thats all ...
didn't mean to blame you for putting a link or anything else ... I'm just a visitor here like you ... if the link shouldn't be posted I'm sure the mods would've done something about it ... so its the mods job not mine ...
so have fun and don't take me too seriously ... ok

ps: sorry if my post bothered you ... :rolleyes:
Posted on 2002-05-27 14:56:39 by code1101
No worries... I am defenetely not bothered at all... Sorry if it looked like I was.

Posted on 2002-05-27 16:22:33 by Droluar
Hello Hiroshimator,

That was the beginning of it all for me. I stayed there just to look at it for months like it was my TV set and did not go to the board for many more months afterward but once or twice because the letters were so, so, small and i did not want to strain my eyes...Than came the new Board.

Droluar, at lease you founded it.
Posted on 2002-05-27 16:46:49 by cmax
Posted on 2002-05-27 17:16:45 by Droluar
I've seen those tutes before. I the file 'Win32asm Tutorial.chm' the author definitely misuses the words 'opcode' and 'mnemonic'.

He calls mnemonic an opcode and he calls an opcode a raw hex code. :P

So do not just trust what you read. Take it in your mind, but take it objectively...
Posted on 2002-05-28 02:48:31 by Jayrome