Was wondering if you use RadASM? Why yes, why no??? I haven't used it since 1.0.6 now and ReallyRad, it's an awesome IDE as of late.

As you can tell, I also want to know if Hutch uses RadASM

Posted on 2002-05-28 04:39:43 by _Shawn
It's got loads of feaures in a simple interface. It makes win32asm programming as easy as c. Actually I find it easier to write windows progs in asm now and with RadAsm, ain't no turning back!
Posted on 2002-05-28 06:31:39 by MArtial_Code
It's simply the best thing going for ASM on windows. I mostly use MASM, but I do use other assemblers as well. RadASM supports this more than other IDEs - other IDEs are geared toward one flavor of ASM. RadASM integrates well with the other tools I use - double clicking on the project menu to edit an ICO, BMP, or RTF file in my favorite editor.

Be good to yourself and give it a try! :grin:
Posted on 2002-05-28 07:08:33 by bitRAKE
Until lately I used my IDE, but now use RadAsm more and more often, and seriously think to transfer features from my IDE (that RadAsm lack) to RadAsm. I wait until it's stable.
Main thing in favor to RadAsm is that it has better grouping\brousing structure, which is important while working on big projects.
Posted on 2002-05-28 07:47:36 by The Svin
but of course i use RadASM... it's small, simple and has all the feaures & tools i need, and the best part is: It's still "growing up" and evolve :alright: :alright: :alright:
Big thanx to KetilO
Posted on 2002-05-28 19:30:37 by NEMO
I'm not only new to ASM, I'm new to IDE's and programing in general. RadAsm is very easy to use and working with multiple tools are simply unmatched in ease of use(at least for me). I'm still learning the full potential of it and I know it's capable of a lot more than I can get out of it currently. A suggestion that was made before in another thread is a FAQ page that might save a lot of searching and posting similar threads that were answered before(I know the search button is there, but isn't most of IDE is for convenience and ease of use? Think the same way about a FAQ).
It's a great tool that goes beyond commercial IDE's and It's FREE. Tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind paying for it to keep it developing to even higher potential. However, I'm not complaining about the current arrangement. Thank you for sharing a tremendous
Posted on 2002-05-29 08:10:16 by BeHereNow