Hi, First I have to thank you very much for the best Ide so far(I have been playing with quite a lot, some as ancient as 1993 maybe even developed before then. :))
Now the reason I've been experimenting with a lot of Ide's is because I need them to work on both Tasm and Masm. So Far the only intuitive one that doesn't give you grief (or headache for the non-programer like myself) has been RadAsm.
However, the lack of help file(while usually that's not that great of help because it defines"water as water" to non-programmers) has left me with a question on the configuring of RadAsm for Tasm.
The Brcc32.exe gave the following error:
C:\Tasm\BIN\brcc32.exe -r -i"C:\Tasm\Include" -v tasmtest.rc
Borland Resource Compiler Version 5.00
Copyright (c) 1990, 1996 Borland International. All rights reserved.

Error Could not open input file tasmtest.rc

The line from the Tasm.ini is:
11=4,OT,$B\brcc32.exe -r -i"$I" -v,1

I added the T after searching the board on a similar issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the lengthy message.
Posted on 2002-05-28 15:24:52 by BeHereNow
Hi I'm not familiar with borland resource compilers command line, but KetilO (the Author of Radasm) has posted several documents with info about the various ini files which Radasm uses. You can find them by searching the board using keywords "Radasm documenation" (without quotes)
Posted on 2002-05-28 15:56:43 by MArtial_Code
That search led me to my question above. lol
I searched but couldn't find anything on that specifically. I found a posting on Tasm32 linker, and I used the line in my ini file. I do not understand the letters in the sentence above or what they mean to do but any help on the meaning of the various letters and what they mean I might be able to figure it out from there. Thanks.

When you speak programese, only programarians from programaville will understand you.
Posted on 2002-05-28 16:24:06 by BeHereNow
Sorry didn't try but it should have workedRadASM Docs

If you invoke the resource compiler from the commmand line without any parameters (at the dos prompt type brcc32) it may show you what the switches are and what they do...
Posted on 2002-05-28 17:28:18 by MArtial_Code
thank you I'll try that to see brcc's commands.
Posted on 2002-05-28 17:33:37 by BeHereNow
followed the link and saw what u meant. cool, now it's time for some reading.
Posted on 2002-05-28 17:35:49 by BeHereNow
How does Brcc32.exe know where to find the .RC file? Now here is the problem

C:\Tasm\BIN\brcc32.exe -r -i"C:\Tasm\Include" -v tasmtest.rc

everything is working except there is no path for where the .RC file is located. Now I can move the .RC file to the Tasm\bin or specify a path in the tasm.ini file(a macro perhaps similar to the one used for set path??)
Is there a way so this is not done manually for each project?
Thanks, and BTW the .ini documentation was inside the new download for RadAsm but I didn't notice it untill I attempted to place the one I downloaded inside the RadAsm folder. Great job on the RadAsm(I can't say that enough the more I get into it.:)).
Posted on 2002-05-28 18:11:50 by BeHereNow
The resource compiler obviouly cannot find the file tasmtest.rc. Does this file exist?

11=4,OT,$B\brcc32.exe -r -i"$I" -v,1
Anyway this is what the line above does

11 :this a number corresponding to the build string for a particular
project type e.g. .exe/.dll project

4 :this is the output type as defined in the section
this correspond to .res(compiled resource) files. If this file allready exists it will be deleted

O: this says send any messages to RadASM's output window

$B\brcc32.exe :the resource compiler including the path ($B is the bin directory)
-r -i -v :brcc32 specific switches
"$I" :the path to include directory

1 :the input file type as defined in the section this corresponds to .rc(plain text resource) files

I'm not sure what the T is for unless it's to indicate to RadASM that (T)ASM/BRCC32 is being used...

I hope that clears things a bit
Posted on 2002-05-28 18:15:34 by MArtial_Code
Thanks again. Indeed it does, BTW I placed the T there so I can see the output that RadAsm puts out to Brcc32.exe(saw that in another string also regarding Tasm, but it was a linker question). Actually I just tried it again and now it gave me a different error message so I'm not sure what happened the first time because I didn't add to the Tasm.ini file. I did close RadAsm and started it again, so that might have a made a difference because I didn't do that the first time I canged the Tasm.ini file.

On another note, the file tasmtest.rc does exist and now brcc32.exe finds it fine but the tasmtest.rc contains a referrence to a non-existing file and that trips brcc32.exe
The error now is something related to a file that doesn't exist:
This is what's inside tasmtest.rc:

IdeasM_ICON ICON DISCARDABLE res\sample.ico
#include <res\TasmTestDlg.rc>
#include <Res\TasmTestDlg.rc>

I have tasmtest.dlg but not tasmtestdlg.rc and that is making brcc32 upset.
So, original question is solved. Thanks for your help. (and patience :) ).
Posted on 2002-05-28 18:32:09 by BeHereNow
RadASM should have automatucally created the associated .rc file.

There're several thing which may throw brcc32 off
the first is you are including the same file (<res\TasmTestDlg.rc> )twice 9this cuases an error in rc.exe(used with masm)

Secondly TasmTest.rc should include the file which has all the defines needed to compile .rc files. for rc.exe the file is called resource.h The brcc32 equivalent of this file I suspect should be included at the start of the .rc file.
Posted on 2002-05-28 18:55:00 by MArtial_Code
You're right on all counts but you forgot operater error.
<---- Goofed up big time.
I didn't write these files, I downloaded them from an earlier thread(Tasm Project?). Somehow I wanted to make sure that the Tasm interface worked with RadAsm, so I deleted somefiles to see if I can generate them through RadAsm/Tasm. I deleted wayyyyy more files than I should have. Luckily, I had a backup, so I checked and sure enough there were 2 files with dlg in the name. One was .dlg and the other was dlg.rc so there you have it(don't flame me I just started doing all this with assembly very recently). Anyway, everything worked and the window was made and it ran fine. RadAsm is the IDE for ASM, IMHO. Thank you for your help, patience, and not flaming me later.
Posted on 2002-05-28 19:26:07 by BeHereNow