does somebody have a link to a tutorial for this?
like WORD > string etc.
Posted on 2001-08-11 07:19:29 by JJP
you mean to convert a 16 bit number to a string ?
There are many routines already written.

api wsprintf is one of these. Take a look to the api help. If you don't have it you can download it from Iczelion site.
Posted on 2001-08-11 14:55:08 by Bit7
There are two very useful routine in the lastest version of Hutchs Masm32 package for this, note that both use dword values not words.

for example the following code demonstrats the use of the two.

dwMem dw 123456

Buffer db 64 dup (?)

invoke dwtoa, dwMem, addr Buffer

invoke dw2hex, dwMem, addr Buffer

These two would fill the string buffer with the ascii decimal and ascii hexadecimal representation of 12345.

Note that both will take registers eg. eax, as well.
Posted on 2001-08-11 18:01:03 by Eóin