So they are. So they are!

Very nice. Works wonderfully.
Posted on 2002-06-10 15:20:14 by The Beginner
Hi All,

I made some minor bug fixes to AsmEdit
and ResEdit, plus added a couple of features.

New features:

The Tree, List, and Properties windows text
and backgroung colors are independent of the
Edit window. The settings are in the Change
Font And Colors dialog.

If your system supports the Mouse Wheel the
Ctrl/Mouse Wheel should size the font and
character format properly. You can turn the
feature off in the Change Font And Colors

Download both FixAsm.zip and FixRes.zip
dated 06-11-2002.



Posted on 2002-06-11 09:43:42 by Ewayne
Disregard this post! Sorry
Posted on 2002-06-11 15:26:31 by dlburlin

More fixes and updates.


Should now support Chinese and Korean charecter sets for syntax highlighting.
Rewrote some of the syntax highlighting routine.
_xxxx, _xxxx_xxxx, etc. will highlight properly now.
Italic comments option.
Changed auto save on open to number the saved files. (son-father-grandfather, etc)
Added a system information dialog. (You might want to see if it displays properly)

TIP! If you have a large .asm file opened with the Properties list opened you might
want to turn off the Auto Refresh Properties List, otherwise pasting and typing is
a little slow.


ResEdit now has a 512 byte limit for static text.
Found and fixed one nasty and a couple minor bugs.

Download both FixAsm.zip and FixRes.zip.
Dated 06-18-2002.


Do the normal thing except copy the LangCode.txt to AsmEdit's HelpFiles folder.


Posted on 2002-06-18 08:40:46 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne,

The FixAsm and FixRes on your website are dated 06-12-2002 and 06-11-2002 respectively. After downloading I see that these ARE the 06-18-2002 files you just mentioned (I (and perhaps others) didn't download them when you posted your last message above because I/we thought you hadn't updated them yet)!

Posted on 2002-06-19 09:06:52 by gscundiff
To Gary:

Thanks, see what happens when you get old.

After I uploaded the 06-18 files I downloaded
them to make sure they were ok and never noticed
that the web page dates were not changed.

All is fixed now.

Thanks again.

Posted on 2002-06-19 09:36:25 by Ewayne

More updates.


No fixes just some subtle changes.


Will now retain the last Resource or Binary files directory so on
the next open it will open to that directory.


You now have the option of selecting any of the EX, WS, CCS, or TBS styles.
You can have a Left, Top, Right, or Botton Toolbar.
You can have Image, Image and Text, or Image only.

---------- ----------
You can create the code for a Customizable Toolbar.

Note! You can test out the Customizable Toolbar without building
the code.

To test it select Customizable Toolbar, press Build, then db click on
the Toolbar.
Before you press Build you can select any of the other styles, but
don't add too many more Buttons, because I got tired of working on
the code and it may not work properly.

But you will be able to see the Notify code thats necessary for
a Customized Toolbar.

There is a Template.asm, Template.rc to insert generated code
into and a test program ToolTest22 that was built from ToolBuild
with Toolbar Customizing.

Download both FixAsm.zip and FixRes.zip and the ToolBuild.zip from
the support programs group. (The ToolBuild can be run standalone)
Dated 06-24-2002.


Do the normal thing except copy the LangCode.txt to AsmEdit's HelpFiles folder.


Posted on 2002-06-24 21:15:03 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

There are 02 small problems on asmedit.

1) When you click on "Help + Version Number", the Ok button is not working, so to close the dialog we must to click on the "x".

2) I put "LangCode.txt" on the Help diorectory, but when i click on
"System Info", and error message shows up":
"Could not create or open the requested file"

Then when i click on Ok, It shows the Info of my system.


Posted on 2002-06-24 21:46:03 by Beyond2000!
To Beyond2000!:

Are you using AsmEdit dated 06-21-2002?

The ok button should work with that AsmEdit.

Place the LangCode.txt to AsmEdit's HelpFiles
folder not the Help folder.

I'm sure if you could not find the file you did
not see the proper information for your system.

I will make a change so if the program can not
find the file it will not display anything.

Posted on 2002-06-24 22:30:34 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

About Langcode.txt Ok...placed on the right place...Now working.

About the Ok Buton...It's not workinkg. I d/l for the site 06-24-2002 BugFix. Dated inside zip file (asmedit.exe 18-06-02).


Posted on 2002-06-26 00:43:38 by Beyond2000!
To Beyond2000!:

I just downloaded FixAsm.zip and the AsmEdit.exe
was dated 06-21-2002, you must of downloaded it
between the web page update and the file update.

I usually upload the files first, but maybe I did
not do that this time.

Try downloading it again.


Posted on 2002-06-26 01:09:31 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

I tryed, but it still the version created on 18-06-02.

P.S.: Did you got my last emails ?


Posted on 2002-06-26 06:36:20 by Beyond2000!
To Beyond2000!:

I'm not quite sure whats going on.

Why don't you download the FixAsm.zip and email
it to me.

Yes I got your last emails.


Posted on 2002-06-26 06:54:19 by Ewayne
To Mr. Ewayne,

I don't know is here the right place to ask this question. But maybe some others learn something, if possible :)
Well, I am working on a project like a part of ResEdit but only a little modification to an existing project(not your's :) this is C code in fact, will try...). My question is quite simple. Let me explain. Your ResEdit programm's styles are formed hexadecimal numbers and these numbers are converted from binary to hexadecimal numbers. Those binary numbers's every bit is a sequential style flag, as I know. And, this is my question; some of that flags has a correspond name(like WS_CAPTION) but some others doesn't have. Is that flags really empty or you didn't want use. Because I will use those numbers and correspond names. Or simply, which document(s) do you suggest me to learn this. It is too hard to learn only from asm sources. That code is a GIANT! for me. Hope this question not seem bull**** :) Did my best.

Posted on 2002-07-07 22:12:46 by cakmak
To cakmak:

Some style flags do not pertain to certain controls
thats why they are not listed.

Look at the Styles.sty file, it has the styles
names plus the corresponding hex values.

If that does not answer your question let me know.

Posted on 2002-07-07 22:30:34 by Ewayne
In fact I need more. If not very long for you, i want to learn some more. I can get styles as hex numbers. How can I back to correspond style names? I need to use that number as names, will merge them with "|" later. In fact can guess. Anyway suppose, can do. Those empty flags won't be a surprise, since as you said those flags does not pertain to certain controls.

Posted on 2002-07-07 23:35:35 by cakmak