Can you test this with your OS and tell me if it works ok on your machine... In particular, im aiming for win95, NT, 2000, and XP people, since i have 98SE... ;)


This is my newest control i've been designing. Its not finished, but the API calls are... the rest is just math.. ;)

Its designed to plot LARGE amounts of data.. In this case, i have about 5K of a 100hz sinewave, sampled at 22050 times/sec.

It has two scrollers. The first is the view position in the data being viewed, and the second selects the # of data points to display/field of view. Once the # of points exceeds the # of pixels available, it begins to compress, skipping data points....

It choose not to "stretch" any data points to fill the view, because it would not be uniform on ALL data points, so there is instances where not all the view space is used effeciently. This is ok.. As well, if you compress and use the select a field size by the scroll page, or end arrows, it will determin the "Next" best field of view for you. It only does this if its compressing the information. If not, it is left alown to keep all data the same width as discussed above.

Check it out.. If it crashes or nothing happens, etc. etc. please let me know! Thanx alot!
Posted on 2002-06-02 03:28:02 by NaN
Works okay on win2k SP2, the bands have borders though, is this the intent?

Posted on 2002-06-02 03:38:07 by Thomas
WinXP here. Works just fine

Posted on 2002-06-02 03:42:19 by Delight
Works fine on WinXP Pro. Looks good too! However, the scaling feels a bit weird because of the whitespace left in the control.
Posted on 2002-06-02 03:45:54 by Qweerdy
Thomas, yes it was my intentions to have the black boxes around the filled purple areas...

In your figure 4, if you click the end arrow on the lower scrollbar it will automatically jump to the next best resolution (using the space fully). This is hard for me to explain.

I would have had it happen when you THUMB the scroll bar, but since i cant get a srollbar message saying "end trumb tracking", i get a wicked feedback loop (as it jumps to next best pos, then exits, to find the mouse is still in the same spot, and the loop starts over... lol.. makes a funny kinda blur ;) ). So in compromise, i only added this to the page right/left, inc right/left..

And again, thanx both of you for testing it on 2000, and XP :alright:

: Qweerdy, Thanx as well, ya i admit, it would be nice to use the space at *all* times, but i didnt want to have mis-representation of data points. The space (in pixels) is less than the # of points shown, so to "stretch" some points, and not all would be miss-leading. I dont want to "pretty" up the contents, because its being designed mainly for debuggin purposes. So its a mild by-product.

I plan on adding the text and scale markers, as well as a compression ratio indicator, tomorrow. This way a person can debug HUGE amounts of data visually. The need came to pass as i was developing the DSP stuff for wave files.

Posted on 2002-06-02 03:49:25 by NaN
BTW: For anyone developing controls, I discovered another usefully GDI api that draws the standard window EDGES, often seen in the CLIENT areas of windows, edit boxes etc..:

invoke DrawEdge, [ebx].BACKDC, addr [ebx].ARECT, EDGE_SUNKEN, BF_RECT	

There is a modest amount of Edge types to select.. i recomend you look up the API...

Posted on 2002-06-02 14:46:52 by NaN
Win 95 OSR2 here. Works fine.
Posted on 2002-06-03 01:55:52 by r00t
Win ME: okay. Roger.

Posted on 2002-06-03 16:02:00 by Maverick
works fine for NT4 (SP4) ..
Posted on 2002-06-04 04:28:36 by beaster
Win 98 SE ok here too.

What a good idea testing stuff here on different platforms....

Nan, or anyone, a bit off topic, but any idea how to get hold of ernie of colib fame? I tried an email but no answer - would like to know how his licensing works
Posted on 2002-06-05 10:07:39 by Terab
PM Ernie, as well as make a post in the COM section to get his attention.... Im sure he is not ignoring you ;)

He likes to keep himself busy, as i understand anyways ;)

Best of Luck.
Posted on 2002-06-05 14:29:15 by NaN
Works fine on my machine. I'm running Windows 98 (the first edition).
Posted on 2002-06-08 01:36:20 by dig