When will there be an update to VASM? I noticed the project update hasnt been updated in a while.. just wondering :).

I love the IDE :)

Posted on 2001-08-12 00:41:39 by Torch
The reason for the delay is because I'm currently looking for a new job (I'm a Sr. Delphi Developer). I'm negotiating several oportunities right now. In addition, I'm preparing for a move to anywhere in the US. It's propably gonna be Florida or Texas. :)

Anyways, thanks for your feedback. I've gotton a tremendous amount of cool feedback from around the world. :-) That's what keeps me going. Thanks for putting VASM into the top 50 downloads on programmersheaven.com. :)

I will probably get some more help on the built-in debugger. Somebody is allready helping me with the cool C header files to ASM header converter tool in VASM. Another users is helping me to put complete IA 64 Assembler support in. Keep it coming.

As soon as I get settled with the move, I'll continue with VASM as promised. There are just too many poeple using it! :)

I was finishing up the build process for MASM and TASM users. Also, the visual designer is coming along GREAT! Just wait and see. Nothing short of the Delphi or Visual Basic Designer. Can't wait to show you guys.

Anyways, thanks to all users for your suggestions and feedback. At least the ASM community will have some cool IDE's in the future, that's for sure!
Posted on 2001-08-13 08:58:55 by rainbird