How can i declare my DLL with using an assembly in order to use it in single-threaded mode !?

Thanx for any answers!

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Posted on 2002-06-05 11:58:51 by Pablo
Hi Pablo

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Posted on 2002-06-05 12:30:05 by KetilO
If you know how to program a basic Dll using assembly then that should do for what I think you mean by single threaded mode.

By default in assembly langauge you process will only have one thread unless you create a new one (with CreateThread).
Posted on 2002-06-06 03:32:54 by huh
KetilO thanx!

Huh, i dont need created another thread neither from my DLL nor for my DLL. I want my DLL would be single-threaded only i.e. any process has as many instances of my DLL as threads are in the process.
Posted on 2002-06-06 06:20:35 by Pablo
Do you mean for each thread, the DLL has a completely different .data section?
Posted on 2002-06-06 07:42:08 by AmkG
I my DLL is in single-threaded mode, i can use a .data section for temporary data, but if my DLL is in multi-threaded mode, i must use stack for temporary data.
My DLL uses .data section for temporary data.
So, i must declare it as single-threaded DLL. C++Builder asks style (single-threaded or multi-threaded) of new DLL after beginning a new DLL project, but i dont know where it declares style of the DLL.
Posted on 2002-06-07 08:11:27 by Pablo