Misc. Question:
Q1: Where can i find microsoft h2inc or htoinc exe file to download?

DirectX Releated Questions:
Q1: I wrote a direct draw program which works good in windows me; And when i run the program on windows xp platform. The program gives errors and the direct draw full screen exits abnormaly.
Q2: I want to run direct draw animation in a simple window without full screen. How can i do that?
Q3: I tried to run direct draw loop from a user specified thread. The first time, display was good and normal; But when i switched back to windows desktop, and went back to the full screen window, the primary surface did not restored and also did not refreshed. I also tried mlock and unlock functions within a loop. but this did not solved the problem. I put the loop in the thread proc. by calling CreateThread.
I want help about these bugs. If any one can solv these problems.
Also there are many constants mising from the ddraw.inc which i downloaded from an unknown sites. The files are big but do not contain required variables. If some one could help me out...:confused:
Posted on 2002-06-06 07:43:48 by Wonder Mage
Q4: Why did you post your questions in a Forum for "Algorithms & Source Code" ?
Posted on 2002-06-06 07:55:30 by bazik
Sorry, i am new here. as you know that:stupid:
Posted on 2002-06-06 08:19:49 by Wonder Mage