New since

- Add any new file to project
- Added a toolbar to project browser.
- Added file browser.
. - File filter on or off.(See RadASMini.rtf )
. - Opens files and projects
. - Runs exe and bat or other files in your favorite tool.(See RadASMini.rtf )
. - Up to 10 default directories.(See RadASMini.rtf )
. - Simple single file file operations. (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Rename)
- Added three output windows. (Select which to show with tiny button)
. - Output#1: Compile, Assemble, Link and Run output.
. - Output#2: Exports and snipplet copy.
. - Output#3: Use as you wish.
. - Load a file into output.
. - Save content of output to file.
- FlipCase addin revised. Auto show output window when mouse is on statusbar is now
an option. (Add 32 to option setting in RadASM.ini to activate)
- New addin message AIM_TOOLSHOW.
Parameters: hWin: Handle of mdi frame
wParam: Tool window ID (1-5)
lParam: Show (TRUE or FALSE)
- Added string table resource. Fixed vkims debug macros.



First time install:
This is an update. You need to install full package first (

This is an update from
Unzip to temp folder and move the files to C:\RadASM
You might manually edit RadASM.ini and set FileBrowser
options. (See RadASMini.rtf )

06-09-2002 (108 dl) Added new features to File Browser and output window
06-10-2002 (36 dl) Added some output when run is selected. New show output option. New addin message. (See RadASM.txt)
06-15-2002 (135 dl) Fixed minor bugs. Added stringtable resource. Fixed vkim's debug tool.
06-16-2002 (19 dl) Fixed xp scrollbar problem reported by Qwerdy.
Posted on 2002-06-06 08:20:04 by KetilO
Here is what to add to RadASM.ini

Posted on 2002-06-06 08:31:39 by KetilO
Here are a few RadASM games to play with.

Posted on 2002-06-06 09:18:25 by KetilO
:) games...Mmm! you have good time. (what about doom? :) )
Posted on 2002-06-06 21:59:35 by cakmak
Working on it. Should be finished about 2010.:grin:

Posted on 2002-06-07 01:20:51 by KetilO
KetilO, works fine on WinME..thanks!!
Posted on 2002-06-07 07:56:18 by gscundiff

File browser.
Added basic file operations to file browser (On single files only.):

- Cut
- Copy
- Paste
- Delete
- Rename

Output window.
Added three output windows. (Select with tiny button)
- Output1. Assemble and link results.
- Output2. Exports and copy snipplets.
- Output3. Use as you wish.
Added Save and Load files to output window.

Posted on 2002-06-09 10:47:47 by KetilO
1. Open RadASM
2. Choose one of the projects from right panel.
3.Build the program.It builds but when you try to execute builded program from menu it doesnt work.

I have also found some abnornalities if I try to build asm files from project tree on the right.For example if you open one project and assembleit close and open new project it fails too.Hope you can fix them.
Posted on 2002-06-09 15:29:58 by LaptoniC
Hi LaptoniC

Your first bug I was able to reproduce once. The second is still a bit unclear to me. Does the project opening fail? Give me a little time to figure out what the problem is. In the mean time avoid opening projects from the file browser.

Posted on 2002-06-09 16:04:42 by KetilO
In version Editor there some error in language setting.
Chinese language should like this sets:
Thanks your working for this Powerful Asm IDE enviroment!!:alright:
Posted on 2002-06-09 19:31:00 by Const.Ex
In Editor I guess you use some coustomer-def-control,you count the number of character and mark them with difference color and font-styles,but ,in the Code editor if there some Double-byte character in it,Each Double-byte character will be count as one character----- the problem occured.
To fix the bug,I think simply change the count methods will be helpful......
My english was poor....
Hope you to fix it
Posted on 2002-06-09 19:44:39 by Const.Ex
Hi Const.Ex

Version info:
In RadASM.ini you will find the default settings. Change them to suit your needs. Thanks for letting me know so I can setup the ini correctly for my next release.

No attemt has been made in RadASM to support unicode and there probably never will be.

Posted on 2002-06-10 03:35:48 by KetilO
New upload 06-10-2002

To get a clue about what the problem reported by LaptoniC might be I output some info when run is selected.
I have also made a few changes requested by Martial_Code.
See RadASM.txt for more info.

Posted on 2002-06-10 03:42:24 by KetilO
My second problem was my mistake sorry.I have tried your last upload it has same problem again.
but it doesnt execute anything whereas there is avicap.exe in above path.
Posted on 2002-06-10 06:00:57 by LaptoniC
Hey LaptoniC...The avicap seems to run...The only thing is it takes about 10 seconds to build and run or even if i just click run it still takes about 10 seconds...other than that it seems fine...
KetilO where can I find the options for the output window? and what are the values of the new messages ?

Thanks for the prompt update!
Posted on 2002-06-10 06:10:30 by MArtial_Code
Hi LaptoniC

Now I am really out in the blue.

Here is the code I use:

invoke TextToOutput,offset szExec
invoke TextToOutput,addr buffer
invoke WinExec,addr buffer,SW_SHOWDEFAULT

What could possibly go wrong here?
Did you get an error message like 'Make error(s) occured'

Posted on 2002-06-10 06:11:53 by KetilO
Replace that stupid WinExec with ShellExecute.
Posted on 2002-06-10 06:44:21 by bazik
I doubt that WinExec is the cause. My best guess is that this happends on Win95/Win98 machines with little memory.

Posted on 2002-06-10 08:01:59 by KetilO
To our dear KetilO:

I opened the RadASM.ini and noticed the right Settings in VerLNG,Follow the section has an and while I add Sample chinese the problem be fixed. :)

Thanks your hard work for Our programmer,I think Support Doubble-byte characters was easy,Because you can support Doubble-byte without support Unicode,there will be easy to modify ASM code for Editor's Mcode highlight function.

In china (and some east state),there are so many Programer use Mcode to write their Application,they alse use Qeditor(in MASMv5),Because it support chinese code,but mostly ASM programmer know your RadASM is Powerest ASM IDE enviroment,I think if your RadASM want to support Doubble-byte char,Some expert Programmer will ask you to help you Fix the function.

Posted on 2002-06-10 09:08:49 by Const.Ex
Hi Const.Ex

Double_Byte != Unicode, whats that? I guess I have some studying to do.


Posted on 2002-06-10 09:26:14 by KetilO