This message is really intended for ernie,

I would really like to find out how your licensing works, i've tried emailing but either I got the address wrong or my server swallowed the mail (both extremely likely knowing my server)

Anyway I've been playing with your com librarys and they are GREAT.

Been thinking of releasing some freeware and maybe sharware components but dont want to step on any toes (ie your toes :-)

It must of been a *hell* of a job to write those libs, so i do understand your licensing request.

But how does it work?
Posted on 2002-06-08 01:54:56 by Terab
readme.txt for colib, the Component Object Library

Release 1.0
Copyright (c) 9/28/00 Ernest Murphy
For educational use only.
Any commercial re-use only by written license


As Ernie stated before, it may be used freely for educational use and freeware but if you have commercial intentions (such as shareware) then you'll need to contact him for a commercial license.
Posted on 2002-06-08 06:53:52 by Hiroshimator

But i want to find out how to get a license for shareware / commercial usage.

ernie has his PM function turned off, no big hurry i just want to find out as i believe in licensing all that i need to license.

Specially such a useful thing as the colib
Posted on 2002-06-08 06:59:47 by Terab

Are you the one who emailed me this past week? Anyway, I apologise, seems my credit card died and my mail provider used that silly excuse to shut down my outgoing server.

If you get email from don't freak. It's me using my fiance's computer.

Posted on 2002-06-08 14:01:13 by Ernie
I look forward to getting the email.

I see in another forum you mention you are getting married soon, congratulations!!!

I got married 2 1/2 months ago and my goodness it can be stressful and busy organizing everthing - i hope it all goes fantastically for you and your fiance

Another thing, i see a lot of the asm programmers here seem to struggle with their service providers for email etc, i have some spare capacity on my servers for email and they are fairly reliable, i have some spare hard drive space, anyone want a email address for free? i can offer about 20 megs mail space ....

to apply ask me :-)
Posted on 2002-06-08 15:00:54 by Terab
in anticipation i just found out that the domain: is available so if your are keen to be or bob or fred or henry etc etc let me know
Posted on 2002-06-08 15:09:24 by Terab
just ask Hiro about a Mailbox.
I already have my ""
Posted on 2002-06-08 15:41:07 by bazik