is it possible in any way to have access to 256^4 segments of 256^4 bytes?

well I have a theory

ok here's my idea for it if none exist already

I would have a app and a dll, the dll links all the other apps together multiple apps ran for 4gb of memory segs). a share segment in the dll would contain params, and a block to pass data. each app that is ran will be assigned its own ID which would be a increasing number to how many apps are run, 5 apps ran IDs from 1 to 5. that num would be stored in the share seg. so if I wanted to allocate memory in app 2, I would call a allocate function in the dll pass the app# and the amount to create and a address param. each app will check a dword in the share seg for its number, if it matches it will allocate the memory. and pass the address, handle etc. same for deallocate
to access memory I would do the same passing as above, I would pass the address, app#, length then it would copy the memory into that share block, the calling app would read that from the share seg put it into its own memory block for modifying, or it just can be kept in the share seg for comparing reading, and basically the same for passing memory to any app.
so i would theoreticaly have access to 4 billion 4 gigabytes.... is it feasable???????
Posted on 2002-06-08 22:06:21 by Qages
I can see the following problems:
-Each app only has a 2GB acessible virtual memory address space
-Windows will have an upper limit to the number of processes that can be active.
-The total virtual memory is limited by the amount of HD space
-The sort of acess you are talking about to the memory would be very slow.

Why would you need so much data to be acessible in memory at one time. It would be easier to devise your own HD database system to acess this much information.
Posted on 2002-06-09 03:03:00 by huh
well i have 13^2+4gb of hd space..... hmm how would i make a hd database. i know nothing about databases. but it must have an address of somekind to access that data witch would be limited by 2^5 bits, i dont know...
Posted on 2002-06-09 12:06:19 by Qages
There are many methods of making databases etc to kept track of things. You probably wont have to make your own, there should be a number of freely availible librarys arounds.
Posted on 2002-06-09 22:53:26 by huh