As you probably know, APJ (Assembly Programming Journal) as been discontinued since August last year, due to time constrains on part of the editor (mammon_). After having talked to him, we have decided that I will put the next issue out, and I was looking for your help in order to get some more articles for it (and future issues), since we still don't have enough ones to allow me to release #9.

Also, if someone has the free time and would like to become part of the staff (be it as a regular columnist, web page designer, code tester, proof reader, ...), that help would be appreciated.

Please reply to me (and send articles) to "". Thanks in advance,

Tiago Sanches

P.S. - For those that don't know, the APJ site is at: ""
Posted on 2001-08-12 08:23:27 by Tiago Sanches

To be honest.. im weary of spreading myself too thin (as im going into 4th year engineering this year), but if you think its a good idea i may find some time to draft up so discussions on my Object set that im creating for MASM.. People have expressed in a poll that there is no real tuts on the stuff so perhaps this would solve the problem a bit.??? The catch is im a lousy writer, if you've read any of my posts (hehehe)... Lemme know what you think.. as well if there is any general public out there that think this would be a good idea...

Posted on 2001-08-12 22:54:53 by NaN
If you feel you will be able to get some free time without it interfering with your university course, then by all means write; as for you being a lousy writer, don't worry, since I'll proof read everything you send me, and if it is really "unreadable" I'll let you know what you can do about it!.


Tiago Sanches
Posted on 2001-08-13 05:10:11 by Tiago Sanches