Is there a way to make my dialog procedure receive WM_KEYDOWN messages? It is a modal dialogbox with an edit-control that should act like the msctrls_hotkey32-control, thus displaying the actual name of the key pressed ... for a customizable key-configuration.

The problem with msctrls_hotkey32 is that I can't fetch the virtual keycode of the selected key from the hotkey-control... so I thought, fetching WM_KEYDOWN and translating it with GetKeyName() is a good alternative... but how?

Damn tricky thing... i'm sure someone can help here.

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Posted on 2002-06-09 04:04:34 by aweX
Okay I finally found the HKM_GETHOTKEY and HKM_SETHOTKEY window messages which work fine with msctrls_hotkey32's :D

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Posted on 2002-06-09 10:31:14 by aweX