it possible to have the scrolling in RadASM's edit windows modified so that you can scroll the last line all the way to the top/bottom? It not that big a deal but with the platsdk addin I can have the SDK help file open for reference(as a modeless child of RA).
Also if it isn't too much effort when the out put window pops up in the docked state...if I have the SDK help file open then it obscures the output window is there anyway to make the output window topmost in it's docked state? Alternatively two messages one sent when the output window is about to how up and one when it is about to close would do the trick...

Finally can you make the output window pop up only when stuff has been sent to it instead of when stuff is sent OR the mouse acivates it? Perhaps you can make this behaviour user configurable...

The image below illustrates my point about the output window...It's hidden behind the help file...

I've been using the latest version of RadASM and haven't had any mishaps...BTW I can't seem to access the file browser? how is it activated?
Posted on 2002-06-09 13:32:15 by MArtial_Code
Hi Martial_Code

It is the default behaviour of the richedit and would be difficult to avoid.
Oytput window:
The output window is a child of the mdi frame in its docked state and cannot be made topmost.
The auto show/hide of the output window has gotten many complaints. Maybe your suggestion will make everybody happy. I will try it.
Message when tool widow shows / hides:
I will add this message for all tool windows.
File browser:
You don't seem to be running The project browser should have a toolbar. Try Help / About to see the version of RadASM.

Sorry that I could not give you more positive answers.

Posted on 2002-06-09 13:56:18 by KetilO
MArtial_Code, there is a extra icon in your RadASM. Could you give a method how to add in the toolbar? Thanks
Posted on 2002-06-13 10:58:02 by yoursguideline
The icons are for the addins I wrote...have a look for my platsdk addin in this forum, it includes the source code.
Posted on 2002-06-13 12:03:55 by MArtial_Code