Can any one tell me with code example, how to create overlay surfaces which are visible over primary surfaces like in games? I tried with all my power but i did not got the hint or any clue!:confused:
Posted on 2002-06-11 08:12:09 by Wonder Mage
No all hardware support overlays, some support it only partialy (is without color keying) and software is not emulating overlays ... so you must make an option in your game (aka hardware cursor on/off) maybe this is your problem
Posted on 2002-06-11 12:27:05 by BogdanOntanu
Hi Wonder Mage,

Can I just give you a bit of advice, slow down. :)

It's great to see that you're very eager to learn, and if you say you've "I tried with all my power but i did not got the hint or any clue" I trust you and therefore trust that you've genuinly hit up against a brick wall and asked here as a last resort.

But it's undeniable that you've asked alot of questions in a very short time and unfortunatly that creates a certain impression, two impressions actually. The first being that you aren't actaully putting much effort into searching yourself, and the second being that you're going through phases such as "Oh, video overlays, that might be cool I'll get some info on that."

While neither of these things are necessarly true the fact remains that subconsciously people will start to think this, which is of course is unfortunate but it is none the less a fact of the human mind. This will discourage people from helping as it suggests to them that thier help is perhaps unappreciated or worse, a waste of time.

So I reiterate my advice, Slow down, consolidate the information you've gained on blitting and you no doubt recieve on overlays (which I know very little about so can't help you personally). Play with them for a while before jumping into something new. ;)

Best of luck, your desire for knowledge is a very good thing. :alright:

BTW, I couldn't reply to your PM as your box was full, remember to delete old messages.
Posted on 2002-06-11 12:32:25 by Eóin
Hi !

Most games did not use the overlay surfaces because their different ways of implementing in graphic-chips. (large number of pixel-formats, not available in all screen-resolutions ... and most did not support rgb-format the screen is built up of. (Instead they use YUV, ...)

The games use standard (alpha-)blitted surfaces for game-infos.

Greetings, Caleb
Posted on 2002-06-11 15:14:28 by Caleb
Hi eoel and caleb,
Well you are saying true euel. I am just a asm adn game programming freak. I want the knowlage for doing any thing. Not for fun. Well you said true. I am really very fast at doing things. I am not an expert in asm! but when i want to do something i would do it but with errors, thats why i ask you all for help. It is up to you for giving me help:rolleyes: . I want more knowlage fast and effeciantly. You are the gurus of asm and game developing so i ask you for help. ONLY you all.:( Well i am sorry for all the errors i had done to you all. Caleb i am using your dx81 filez. You are more seriasly engaged in directx and game developing. please help me with a question here if possible: I want to use direct input. When i put a variable IDirectDraw8W etc in the DirectInputCreate, it gives errors and other problems like this are included. Please help me... Thanks please reply:(
Posted on 2002-06-12 08:33:58 by Wonder Mage
Hi Wondermage !

Can you post some code-lines here ? It should be enough to see the calling and the parameter-declarations of the used ones.

It may be, too, that there are some bugs left in the dx8.1-files. But let's see ....

Also I remember some threads here handling with directinput. Have you taken a look at them ?

Greetings, Caleb
Posted on 2002-06-12 17:00:44 by Caleb
hi caleb this is a small code lookup with error

include \bin\masm\dx81inc\dinput.def
includelib \bin\masm\dx81lib\dinput8.lib


;-----------------------Using Caleb's DX81 Package--------------
line156>invoke DirectInput8Create,hInstance,DIRECTINPUT_VERSION,IID_IDirectInput7,addr lpdi,NULL
; -----------------
; Problem is here IID_IDirectInput7
; i want some more info about calling functions of dinput

Microsoft (R) Macro Assembler Version 6.15.8803
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1981-2000. All rights reserved.

Assembling: prac2.asm
prac2.asm(156) : error A2167: unexpected literal found in expression
prac2.asm(156) : error A2114: INVOKE argument type mismatch : argument : 3
Posted on 2002-06-14 08:56:18 by Wonder Mage
Hi Wonder Mage !

Please stand by - I am too invoked with my examination-work at the moment. Further I am contacted by another user of the include-files who has found some errors, and it may be possible that your problem bases on them. So I will first check them out.

Greetings, Caleb
Posted on 2002-06-18 13:30:43 by Caleb
Hi !

I've checked the files - There aren't as much as I thought first. I will update the files on my website next days ...

Hi to Wonder mage !

The errors having been found don't affect your code !

The problem you have with assembling your source ist the missing of the usage of the ADDR statement with IID_IDirectInput7.

So the correct call is:

invoke DirectInput8Create, hInstance, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION,
addr IID_IDInput7, addr lpdi, NULL

It seems, too, you didn't have defined the REFIID correctly. It has to be defined as:

IID_IDInput7 GUID IID_IDirectInput7

So the API-function DirectInput8Create expects a pointer to a valid GUID-structure for the DirectInput-Interface !

I hope this will help !

Greetings, Caleb.
Posted on 2002-06-18 14:30:27 by Caleb