Is it possible to send a WM_CHAR message to an application that is using Direct Input?? If not, how can I simulate a key down event in another way??

Posted on 2002-06-11 08:46:54 by Delight
keybd_event() ?
Posted on 2002-06-11 09:53:52 by JCP
I have never done any programming using DirectX so I don't really understand your answer Radiosys. What I'm looking for is a substitute for

invoke SendMessage,hNotepad, WM_CHAR, aChar, 0

The above code sends a character to notepad, but it wouldn't work if notepad would have used Direct Input.

So, is it possible to do something like SendMessage with a DirectX app?

Posted on 2002-06-11 13:38:53 by Delight
ohh..sorry, I didn't know keybd_event was a windows API. I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

Posted on 2002-06-11 15:27:41 by Delight
Sorry, I was in a hurry and should had detailled a bit more. :tongue:
Posted on 2002-06-12 01:04:32 by JCP