Hi guys

I am totally new to assembly programming
I know a little about assembly like it is a low level language and runs very fast
I would be very glad if some one could help me with the following
Thought it is a big list but i need them

1.what is the difference between X86 assembly and dos assembly and windows assembly

2.What is the difference between NASM and MASM
i downloaded MASM i don't know how to use

4.And what is the difference between .com files and .exe files

5.Is this true that the BIOS is written in pure 1's and 0's

Thank you

Posted on 2002-06-13 00:35:31 by revanthn
1?) X86 is the assembly langage for Intel Processors 286 (and perhaps even before) -> P4...
It doesn't make much difference in the langage itself to code in dos or windows in the level of the instructions, but there is differences, notably in memory management (dos uses segments, win32 uses flat memory, that is faster and easier to manage).
There's also some other differences, but it would take long to list all there...
The things is that "dos assembly", or "windows assembly", both uses the "x86 assembly" (unless you code for an alpha or itanium, do you ?). ;)

2?) It is a matter of choice... you will find much more support and code examples if you use MASM... but some don't like MASM and prefer a more low level assembler like NASM (although it is up to you to use or not the MASM high level syntax... I personaly don't)...
There's also some others interesting alternatives as are FASM or spASM... Google is your friend, man !
To use MASM : http://www.movsd.com

3?) No 3 ? :rolleyes:

4?) to simplify things, com are dos executables files... they are somewhat limited but are very small... (you only have the code in them, no header etc). I like them because they are tiny.
.EXE are essentially Windows executables, but there is not only "portable executable" (windows executable file format) EXEs, but also some .exe for dos : beware !

5?) As far as I know, most (recents) of them were written in assembly.

PS : Please post questions like this on the main section or on the Heap if dos related questions and read there :
Posted on 2002-06-13 01:16:59 by JCP

5.Is this true that the BIOS is written in pure 1's and 0's

Yes, they hire a sh*t-load of monkeys to write new BIOS versions!

Posted on 2002-06-13 02:17:03 by bazik